Helping You Find the Right Words for Your Audience

Julie Quinn, MD, ELS

First-rate content helps you effectively communicate with your target audience.

I use my medical knowledge and clinical experience, combined with my humanities and storytelling background, to help you engage your target audience with the right words. I work with a wide variety of clients, including medical communications companies, universities, hospitals, and private authors. Learn more about me…

Services Include:

  • Medical Writing and Editing
  • Clinical Informatics (Linguistics)
  • Memoir and Autobiography Editing

Extraordinary Medical Writer and Editor

Julie is an extraordinary medical writer and editor. With her broad background in diverse medical disciplines and scientific writing, she has established herself as an expert in the field. Julie’s work is always excellent. She pays great attention to detail, and is capable of doing so even under high pressure. Julie is impressively efficient and has never missed a deadline.

Julie is always willing to share her expertise, and to guide the rest of the team. I have learned very much from her. Julie is a pleasure to work with, and she will be a great asset to any organization that chooses to take benefit from her diverse skills.

Johanna Sandlund, MD, PhD
Senior Director
Medical Affairs, Fluxus